24 January 2010


LIfe is a bit weird, you're rolling along, just minding your own business, that's enough really I have no time to mind anybody else's business, and then things happen that make you stop and well that's it, just Stop.

That's the dog we adopted last year, wearing an underwear turban. Burleigh has no shame. He can wear underwear any way he likes. He chews sticks, water bowls and he carries the chooks (chickens) around in his mouth every once in a while just to freak them out. We don't have a picture of that, we don't want the PETA people to find out.

Things happen.

Haiti, horrible earthquakes and the days that follow, make me slow down just a wee bit and take a moment.

Then one of your students is riding his bike to Maccas to buy a cheeseburger with his mate, and an accident happens, his mate falls off his bike, hits his head and is lifeflighted to the BIG Smoke to the hospital there. YOur student is in shock, he called 911, he did the right thing, and still he feels an overwhelming sense of guilt. His mates dad had told them "be careful." as they were leaving the house. They were, they did everything right, but his mate is on a ventilator with severe memory loss, he can't get past it.

So I stop. I stop being cranky with my boys when they can't find their soccer uniforms. I stop getting cross with my daughter for forgetting to take her soccer boots to the tournament. They are kids and I am thankful to have them. They are half grown. They will leave home. They will still probably forget things. However, they are Mine.

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